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Date:          September 1, 2015


Time:          9 am


Wind:         calm


Location:   FI Reef


Bait/Lure:   Sand eels/squid/gulp


Fish:          75-100 fluke/ 20 seabass


Took a break from chasing tuna today. I hit the reef looking for some big fluke. I only found 1 keeper but the fish were chewing. I actually started the day using three rods. By the afternoon I was down to one. I couldn't keep up. I was wearing myself out running around the boat. Fluke after fluke came over the rail. By 3pm I was beat. So I headed home with at least a meal in the cooler.


As you can see there are still tons of bunker in the ocean.


I also posted a few pictures of some butterfly fish that made their way in to our canal. Its the first time I have seen them.


















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