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September 21st, 2022 

I decided that we would push off pretty late. I was very worried about the wind that was forecasted. After Saturday's trip I really didn't want to run at night with all the wind. I wasn't worried about our safety, I worried about Dan. He loves fishing however he has gotten seasick in the past. We were in for a bumpy ride. 

We had no problem getting bait. We came out of the Patch River right around first light. I checked the Buoy (44017) and it showed winds at 15kts with gusts to 21kts out of the NNE. YIKES! Heading South out of Moriches would not work. Time to move to plan B. That meant we would leave out of FI Inlet.


Dan likes to stand. So it didn't occur to me that we forgot to bring a bean bag. Not the end of the world. Then halfway to the inlet Dan informs us that his anti-seasickness patch flew off. So we have strong winds, no bean bags and Dan will most likely be sick at sometime during the day. It seemed as if a dark cloud was starting to form over our boat. 


We were still looking at strong winds but nothing like those to the East. We hit the inlet and I turned to JP and Dan and said "every mile we go without me uttering the words "this sucks" is a good thing." The first 10 miles were basically flat. The rest of the trip wasn't bad at all. I took a little spray and we managed to run 30kts the entire trip.


We only found one dragger. That was all we needed. We had a blast catching nice size YFT. In fact JP broke the boat record with a 74lb fish. As the morning went on the ocean slicked out. There was a sick bite 36 miles to the SE. However we stayed put and ended up having a great day. Several times we had tuna blowing up around the boat. Dan tried to catch one on a popper. I told him that if he catches one, I would refer to him as the greatest fishermen to ever have lived.  For now I will just call him Dan...LOL. He did however get one on a jig!


We decided to end the day early. We were up and running around 2pm when we came across a weed line. In the weed line was a milk crate. I threw out a bunch of freebies to see if any mahi were around. As you can see they were. In fact they were really nice ones. The biggest going 17lbs. After putting three nice fish in the box we headed home doing 34kts. 

What a great trip. JP and Dan always bring their positive attitudes. They also make things a lot easier for me with how hard they work when on board.


Oh, by the way Dan didn't get sick.


Hopefully we can squeeze a few more offshore trips in. 















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