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As most of you know my favorite fish to target is mahi. I can't explain it. I love the visual aspect of chasing them. This year we have seen some decent size fish. No monsters but decent. If you watch the video below you will realize how difficult it can be to get a bait to a big bull or a cow. I increased our chances by standing on the back of my boat and visually picked out the bulls and cows.  I can't tell you how many times we had a big fish isolated only to have one of the smaller fish come by and eat the offering.


The pots had plenty of fish, however the log we found floating had some really nice ones under it. By this time it was 3pm and the few live baits we had were useless. I wish we found that log earlier!!!!

I always cut open a mahi's gut to see what is in their stomachs. All of them except for one had empty stomachs, which would explain why they were so aggressive. The one thing I found was a mahi inside a mahi. That is the second time that I have seen that. 












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