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Date:          September 22nd, 2016


Time:          11am 

Wind:          E 10kts

Location:    20 miles south of FI

Lure:          Live peanuts/diamond jigs

Fish:           Blues/weaks/fluke








Got a late start today. Roger picked me up at 11am. Game plan was to spend the afternoon looking for mahi and then go sharking.


The last time I fished on Roger's boat I caught my first Blue Marlin ever. Today I caught my largest mahi ever. 21lbs!!


If I had the fight on video we would be called the world's biggest googans..LOL


It took about a half hour to get this fish in the boat. This was after the mahi got caught on the trim tabs. This was after the mahi actually went right through the net. I kid you not, I had to fight the fish with the line going through the bottom of the net. We finally were able to slip the rod and reel through the hole in the net to allow Roger to gaff it. This was the first fish that  Roger had ever gaffed. He did a great job. 


We caught another decent size mahi along with some albies and a big blue runner. Great day on the water.


We skipped sharking.





























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