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Date:          September 26th, 2016


Time:          6:00 am


Wind:         E 10KTS


Location:   20 S of FI


Bait/Lure:   Mullet and peanut bunker


Fish:          Mahi/ seabass/ false albie/mackrel


Last week on Roger's boat I caught my biggest Mahi. Today Roger caught his biggest Mahi on my boat. He now owns the boat record for largest mahi. Roger actually caught all three mahi today. He also added a few albies.


The wind began to blow so we headed in looking to find bunker pods and do some sharking. We didn't find the pods but we found tons of what I believe are Chub Mackerel in our spread. We had a blast catching them. I took a bunch home for next year. We also jigged up some big seabass as we were shark drifting. They were returned because seabass season is closed in federal waters.


Last two trips out have seen some big mahi. I'm afraid it may be over. It's about to get real windy.


I posted a video of Roger with one of the small mahi. I also posted a video of all the mackerel.

















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