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September 27th 2019


Tough day. The strong NE winds made trolling very tough. We started around the Linda and headed south to the Virginia. We weren't able troll East and West due to the tight seas. We had one knocked down that actually broke our sidetracker. As the reel started to scream I looked back and saw a huge circle of water. What ever it was, it was big. After that  we picked up some albies and that would be it for us on the troll. We headed to the weather buoy as the ocean became flat calm as the wind dropped out.  We had a blast catching albies, bonitos, small mahi and we even caught a small bluefin.  All fish were caught on light tackle using mullet and peanut bunker. Not the day I had hoped for but a fun day nontheless.


You don't know whats out there unless you go!


With today's SW winds I'm sitting today out. The weakfish don't seem to like the SW wind. I should be back on them agian tomorrow. 













































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