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September 3rd, 2022 

Congrats to Matthew once again for taking down his own boat record. This YFT weighed in at 72lbs. Once again we had trouble getting bait. Thankfully Matt and I caught a bunch of snappers in the canal the day before. These baits were ultra primo. We were hoping to feed them to some bull mahi. However all that we could find were 4-8lb fish. You could have caught 1000 if you wanted to. This time of the year the offshore pots are covered in them.


As for tuna JP caught his first ever longfin albacore. After that it was a grind on the troll. At 2:30pm  we came across a big bait ball. Finally we came tight on two nice fish. One spit the hook and as you can see Matt is holding the one we boated.  That would be it for us. I wish we had another hour but safety always comes first. I know I had to be back through the inlet no later than 6pm because of the very low tide at 7:19pm. I need to find a new route in and out of Moriches Inlet.


I like to think Matt had a great time. It's hard to believe just how fast a week can go.  Hopefully he will want to come back next year. 

It looks like Earl is going to shut us down for a while. A swell at either FI or Moriches Inlets are a mess. 


















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