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Date: September 4, 2014



Time:         6:00 am

Weather:   winds s 5kts


Location:    Coimbra/40 Fathom Curve


Bait/Lure:   Assortment of trolling lures and ballyhoo


Fish:           2

Largest::     35lbs



I might have made my last trip to the Coimbra area yesterday. It has been a great year for tuna and mahi, especially when you are only running 30-40 miles out. I went out yesterday with Rand on his boat the "Aunt B"  and his buddy Mark who owns Cow Harbor Bait and Tackle. Fishing was on the slow side. We ended up with a 35 lb tuna to go long with a small mahi. We also caught a bunch of "exotics" - triggers, jacks and a few others that I can't identify, like the one Mark is holding in the bottom left picture. Despite fishing being slow it is cool to be a part of a trip when somoeone catches his first species type. Mark caught his first tuna and first mahi ever. I'm sure it was a day he will never forget. With cooling tempurates on the horizon my focus will soon change back to the inshore bite. I can only hope and pray we have a bass run like we did last year. If we do you can expect to see more of Mark and Rand in some future posts.

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