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September 4th, 2021



Holy moly it was windy. That was the first tuna trip that I have ever been on where we had white caps the entire day. The ride home was brutal. Heading NW into a west wind was tough. I was convinced that once I got home I was going to spit up blood. Ok maybe I'm being a little dramatic but in all honesty a few times I felt like Mike Tyson was punching me in the kidneys.


On board was Will, Dillon, Dan and Gina. We ended up in the Dip which was a big mistake. We caught plenty of mahi but while we were there the wind really started to crank. To make matters worse they were from the north. Despite finding more bait than I had ever seen in the Dip there were no tuna on them. So we headed back towards the Coimbra. As the day went on there was plenty of chatter of boats picking away at tuna. At 3pm I got a text from my buddy JP who found the dolphin and relayed their location to me. Like I said in my previous reports find the dolphin and you will most likely find the tuna. At this point time was not on our side. We picked upped and ran to the numbers JP gave me. Thankfully we were only 5 miles from them. Once we got there things didn't look promising. We found some dolphin but not many. I didn't see anyone pick up any fish. After about an hour and a half I made the call to reel the spread in and head home.


As Will started to reel the first line in Dan says "hey cap there are a ton of dolphin heading right for us." So I decided to wait until we trolled past them to end our day.  Yogi Berra once said "it ain't over till its over."  Sure enough not one but two rods come tight. The excitement in the boat was electrifying. It was the bottom of the ninth with two outs and two strikes. Dan grabs one rod and Dillon grabs the other. 20 minutes later we had two nice yellowfin in the boat. What a great way to finish a tough day. We earned those fish. We never gave up and we stayed positive. Did I mention the ride home sucked!  









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