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September 6th 2020


What a great day. We pushed off at 3am to a bumpy ride out to the Triple Wrecks area. Once we got there it was flat calm. It didn't take long to boat our first yellowfin. The fish hit a live snapper. My brother-in-law John did a great job bringing this fish to the boat. While Dan was waiting for his chance to catch his first ever yellowfin it almost came on a popper.  Twice he had the popper get blown up but the fish missed. Soon enough, another snapper that we have out gets inhaled. Dan, you are up. After a 15 minute fight the fish came unbuttoned. I felt so bad for him. He was devastated. It didn't take long for him to get another shot. He was so worried about losing the fish he didn't want to reel it in.  I explained he did nothing wrong on the first fish. It was time to get back on the horse. It's hard for me to explain the pleasure that I get when someone on board catches their first tuna. Once again he did a great job. He was all smiles when the fish hit the deck. I noticed he was staying near the fish while it was on the deck. I figured he couldn't wait to take a picture. He was very excited to take the picture but he was worried that the fish would jump out of the boat.  He wasn't about to let his first tuna get away. How awesome is that. With my back to the live bait rod I heard a big explosion and then the greatest sound to a fisherman,  Zzzzzzz. The sound was a nice yellowfin blowing up a snapper that we had out. It was John's time.  The fight lasted about 20 minutes. Keep in mind that I fish only 40lb leader. That means you can't man-handle these fish.  Once again John looked like he has done this a 1000 times. I'm proud to say that my brother-in-law is now the boat record holding (fish caught on boats that we own) for YFT. It weighed in at 66lbs. Later on I would lose a nice fish to a boat being too close to us. I'm not kidding when I tell you there was at least 200 boats out there.  So we boxed up 4 yellowfin and had a few other chances that fell through. We pulled the plug at 2pm. I knew we were going to hit some wind on the way home and sure enough we did. The first 50 miles were a breeze, but the last 30 miles sucked. Dealing with the wind is a lot easier to handle when you have the day that we did. Nothing but smiles and awesome memories. This was my first time I fished with Dan. You will certainly see him again. He was very positive and pulled his own weight. Once again Gina makes my job a lot easier out there when she is with me. Yesterday was no different. It was pretty cool to have my wife and her brother out there. 

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